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Countertop Edge Profile

Don’t overlook the edge profile that gives your natural stone countertop or bathroom vanity the finishing touch. We offer a choice of twelve edge profiles that will suit any taste and style. When choosing the edge profile consider the overall style of your kitchen or bathroom.


Simple straight edge ( J ), double bullnose( I ), or bullnose ( B ) will fit well in a contemporary kitchen with clean lines and smooth surfaces.Bevel ( E ) edge will add a lot of dimension to the overall look of the counter and will make it perfectly finished. It will look great in an Art Deco interior. If the style of your kitchen is more formal, consider the beautiful ogee ( C, G ) or dupont ( H ) edge.Choose bullnose ( B ), double bullnose ( I ), or double eased ( K ) edge for the comfort and weathered elegance of rustic style.


That wonderful little detail that supplies the finishing touch to the countertop edge is called the sink rail of the edge profile. From a sleek, modern flat edge to a multidimensional decorative profile, where does one start? Ideally, you want to observe your profile choice on the same size slab being considered (2 or 3 centimeters), as its appearance may be altered with the size of the material.Price start at the cost effective flat edge and then the more elaborate prices do go up, consider this when choosing your edge profiles. Consider also combining two separate edge profiles to give different appearances to parts of your kitchen.


1/4" Bullnose
3/8" Bullnose
      G Ogee
Double Bullnose
Straight Edge
Double Eased
Bullnose+ Dupont
Double Bullnose+
Sink Cutouts

Abiding by its upscale image, careful consideration must be exercised when deciding which cutouts to employ within your slab. Undermount sinks offer a high-end look and easy to take care of. When picking a Undermount sink consider getting a edge profile, this can dress up a sink. The kitchen sink and cooktop are obvious considerations when reviewing the various options in cutout design. There are new gadgets and additions that may also require consideration when picking a cutout, such as knife holders, trash compactors, and other various items that is your personal choice. If you want cutouts for these items make sure that when a professional comes to check measure your countertop you have these items available for them to measure, helping to assure there won’t be any mistakes.

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